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I was wondering if the workflows of logic apps have versions...because right now I am developing the back end of a mobile app...tomorrow when I want to make a change, if I don't have a branch for dev and another one for prod....I will always be making changes in prod...leaving the app disabled for a moment...I hope I have been clear and you can help me. Thank you very much!

Azure Logic Apps
Azure Logic Apps
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    It sounds like you're looking for a source control option to allow for different environments and I have assumed you are working purely out of the portal. Logic apps does not have a way of managing environments by default. It does have versions but this is only to allow for rolling backwards and forwards between versions on the same logic app. More info here:

    To have a different environments you have to have a logic app resource per environment IE logic-app-1-dev and logic-app-1-prod. Then Azure Resource Manager (ARM) can be used to push the different versions between these apps.

    If the apps are in the same tenant pushing between environments in the portal is as simple as:

    1. Going to the logic app you currently have and selecting "Export template" on the left panel.
    2. Checking the resource template
    3. Clicking deploy at the top of the page
    4. Enter the name of the production logic app
    5. Then click Review + Create

    These steps can then be followed for updating the logic app through the portal as well.

    If the apps are not in the same tenant then the ARM template will need to be downloaded and pushed in the new tenant by:

    1. Exporting the template as described here ->
    2. Deploying the template as described here ->

    This should get you going with some simple environments. You can go further and use GIT with CI/CD pipelines such as Azure DevOps Pipelines or GitHub Actions to version control and deploy these templates. These guides run through the setup:

    DevOps -

    GitHub Actions -

    Hope this helps

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