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Hello Community,

I'm working with a large number of scanned exams from various clients, which I need to process using Azure AI Document Intelligence (Form Recognizer). My goal is to extract the clients' first names, last names, and middle names, then update clients' score.

The process is as follows:

  1. If the extracted names match a record in Database, the system will retrieve the score and update it in the client's exam record in the database.
  2. In cases where the names match more than one record, "MyApp" then compare the client's address for a more accurate match. If there's no match or an error occurs, "MyApp" will send the exam to a staging container where it awaits manual review by an agent.

However, I'm facing some challenges with this logic in "MyApp." The clients' names are in English but follow varied naming conventions from different countries, notably Indian and Chinese styles. Moreover, the names aren't always in a consistent order or format. For example, I encounter formats like:

  • First name + Last name
  • Last name, First name

Is there a way to accurately determine which part of the name is the first name to improve pattern matching in these scenarios?

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