Azure Arc ESU licensing for multiple physical vmware hosts

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  • Licensing: For a setup with approximately 200 VMware virtual machines across 10 physical hosts.  
    My intention is the ‘pin’ the 2012 servers to 6 of the 10 hosts.

For the ESU provision - Should I opt for 6 x 32 core ESU licenses or a single 192 core ESU license?

  • The only reason I can see for 6 x 32 is to easily reduce the license as 2012 severs are upgraded / decomm'd
    • But if I do 6 x 32 I will have to manually / arbitrarily apply the license to 33 servers at a time, that has to relation to where they'll phyiscally exist?
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    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A community forum!

    You need to associate ESU physical core licenses with every hosts, so the 6x32 option is the most correct. As for the VMs, they must be arc enabled, then the VMs must be associated with the host's physical core license.

    For example you create a physical esu core license for host01 with 2 16 core pack=32, this will license the host

    Then from the list of eligible vm (that are arc enabled)you check all the virtual vm on this physical host01, and add them to the same physical license of the host, so this will certify this vm are on this host01. So the vm have relation with the host they reside on.


    Remember that esu licenses trough Azure Arc can be purchased also as payag, so you can deactivate when no more needed.

    Hope this helps



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