UWF causing permission issues on excluded folder. Can't delete any folders or files within.

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I have a UWF filter protecting all of my C: drive, except for:
uwfmgr.exe file add-exclusion c:/myCompany/myApplicationData.

When the filter is enabled, if I create a new folder: "../myApplicationData/New Folder" it creates it and does not delete it on restart as expected, however If I try to delete it from the same user that created it "myMachine/Admin", it will say:
"Folder Access Denied
You need permission to perform this action.
You require permission from myMachine/Admin to make changes to this folder"

All I can do is hit try again which results in the same message.

I have checked all of the security settings and every user has full permissions. When I disable the UWF and then try the same thing there is no access issues. When the filter is active and I am logged in as another user that doesn't have access, it will prompt for the admin password to get access, then STILL fail and say access denied. If I go to UAP settings and turn the slider all the way down to ignore all access prompts, it still does the same thing.

I am using a disk overlay.

It seems like a bug in UAP with UWF. Does anyone have any ideas as to what's causing this?

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  1. Sean Liming 4,496 Reputation points

    This is how it works. Don't exclude recycle bin. Instead, you can set a group policy to bypass the recycle bin: "Do not move deleted files to the Recycle Bin"

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