Changing bar colors in azure insight results

Kessler, Oded 20 Reputation points

Hello all,

Im using Azue insight in our project at work .

I have created a char bar report , I wanted to know if i can change the color of the bars ?

by default we get an orange and blue column color . and it's funny but the failed bar clolored blue , and the succsess colored orange .

see pic:

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can someone help me out ?

is there a way to change the bar colors?

Thank you ,

Oded Kessler

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  1. Dillon Silzer 49,671 Reputation points

    Hello Oded,

    Have you thought of exporting this information to Power BI?

    Integrate Log Analytics with Power BI

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    You can export the information and display the information however you would like. Power BI grants you the ability to change the colors of the bar charts.

    If this is helpful please accept answer.

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  2. Kessler, Oded 20 Reputation points

    Hello all,

    this is what i figured out so far :

    there is not simple way to change to column colors with in azure insight logs.

    (located in : portal -> application insight -> click application insight name -> click Logs )

    the alternative way that was suggested by SwathiDhanwada-MSFT is to use Workbooks

    (located in : portal -> application insight -> click application insight name -> click Workbooks )

    then click on the Empty (colored green) tile -> click +Add and add a query -> paste/ write your logs query and run it once.

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    then -> click on "chart settings" on the upper right side -> click Series Settings -> click on the color option and change the color for your required color. - see picture below.

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    Importent Notes :

    1. if you want to "pin" the chart to your dashboard -> after running the query at least once and without clicking on "Done Editing" -> you can click on "pin" icon and pin it to your dashboard (see picture below)

    if you'll try to pin the chart to dashboard after clicking done editing - you will the the workbook tile in the dashboard instead of the chart.

    1. limitation i encounter -> after pining the chart to the dashboard - > opening the dashboard -> changing the. refresh of dashboard -> it will not inflate the workbook charts .

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    last thing that is unclear to me is :

    when i try create a workbook with log analytics parameters :

    I get error (see below) but when I ran it in the Logs (log analytics) it's working fine

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    I hope I helped someone ,

    I hope to understand better the different behaviour with in log analytics and workbook .