Can we migrate Windows server which running in AHV Nutanix hypervisor to Azure by using Azure Migrate

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We have Windows server which running in AHV Nutanix hypervisor. This server do not have software assurance license (SA). We would like to migrate this server to Azure VM and bring own license. Can we do like that, any tool can support this scenario. Can we use Azure Migrate. Any suggestion. Thank you.

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  1. Carlos Solís Salazar 14,866 Reputation points

    Migrating a Windows Server running on AHV Nutanix hypervisor to Azure VM and leveraging a Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) model can be done, but there are specific licensing and technical considerations to keep in mind.

    1. Licensing Considerations:
      • Without Software Assurance (SA), you typically cannot transfer an on-premises license to Azure due to license mobility restrictions. Microsoft's License Mobility through Software Assurance benefit allows you to bring your existing licenses to the Azure cloud, but this is only available if you have SA.
      • If your Windows Server license does not have SA, you would generally need to procure new licensing through Azure. Azure VMs come with the option to include the OS licensing cost as part of the service (known as Azure Hybrid Benefit).
      • If you decide to acquire SA for your existing licenses, you can then use the Azure Hybrid Benefit to bring your own license to Azure.
    2. Migration Process Using Azure Migrate:
      • Azure Migrate: This is a service provided by Azure to facilitate the migration of on-premises servers to Azure VMs. It supports various scenarios, including VMware, Hyper-V, and physical servers, but direct support for AHV Nutanix hypervisor might be limited.
      • Assessment and Planning: The first step is to assess and plan your migration using Azure Migrate. This will involve understanding the compatibility of your current Windows Server with Azure and any potential performance or configuration changes needed.
      • Replication and Migration: Once you've planned, you can begin the replication process. Azure Migrate can replicate your servers to Azure. Once replicated, you can test and then migrate the servers to Azure VMs.
    3. Technical Considerations:
      • AHV Nutanix to Azure: Direct migration support from AHV Nutanix to Azure is not as straightforward as from VMware or Hyper-V. You might need to consider intermediary steps, such as converting to a supported format before migrating.
      • Testing: It is crucial to thoroughly test the migrated server in Azure to ensure that all applications and services are functioning as expected.
    4. Alternatives and Tools:
      • If Azure Migrate does not support AHV Nutanix directly, you might need to use additional tools or services for conversion and migration. This could involve converting the AHV VMs to a compatible format (like VHD) and then using Azure Migrate or other tools for the actual migration.
    5. Consulting Azure Documentation and Support:

    Given the complexities, especially around licensing and technical aspects of migrating from AHV Nutanix, it's advisable to consult with Microsoft or a certified Azure partner for tailored advice and solutions.

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  1. Alex Bykovskyi 1,336 Reputation points


    As mentioned, you might need additional tools to perform the migration. Should help:

    Azure Migrate can be used to finish the migration. You can also use StarWind V2V Converter to perform conversion or migration to Azure.


    Alex Bykovskyi

    StarWind Software

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