Azure AI Search REST API failing in Angular

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Hi there,
I am trying to call Suggestions Rest Api in Angular and surprisingly, it throws a bad request error whenever I provide the search argument in its body instead of hard coding the value.
This is how the API's request looks:User's image

User's image

Now when I hard code the search parameter:
User's image

User's image

I would be highly grateful if someone can guide me through this error.
(Also, it is able to fetch the required data even with the failure)

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Azure AI Search
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  1. Dey, Nikita 0 Reputation points

    Hi, I was able to resolve the error.

    Make sure to handle the null values before calling the API. Since, the API would be called every time you enter a search query, I realized that the bad request error came in the beginning, when there was no search input and, after the search field was cleared (after backspace) to enter a new input.
    That is, the empty search field also revoked the API by sending query="".

    A simple if else statement worked for me!

    if (query != '' || null) {
            result = this.http
                  search: `${query}`,
                  top: 5, // Change to a number
                  fuzzy: true,
    			options )

    Thanks for your support, I'll close the issue.

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