Can I get a detailed break down of the costs (fixed & reoccurring) of implementing Project Online (PWA)

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I work for a small (70 employee) company and want to set up Project Online (as "Project for the Web" is not very useful....maybe good for a cookie baking project).

Do I need to install Project Server 2013? I have a MS Project Plan 3 license as do most of my project's task owners. Would a Project Plan 5 license help?

What is the cost/benefit analysis of storing data on-prem or on the cloud (Azure)?

It seems like I could use a Project Management solution like Smartsheet to do my online project management and have it implemented in minutes with almost no learning curve.

To implement Project Online, I feel like a need to get a college degree in SW installation and maintenance with a Masters degree in MS Project.

Can you help demystify this.

As a Project manager and Microsoft customer, I just want the tool and get to work. I don't want to learn how to assemble the tool.



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