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There are Collection views /Scroll views used in our app where user can actually scroll and see things , How do i indicate to the user that this is a scroll view and user can actually scroll to see more details when he lands on a page ?

  1. Scroll Bar visibility set to always does not help
  2. Is there a way to change colors ? - In Xamarin forms we use custom Renderer . I tried the same in MAUI but scrollViewRenderer is obselete and it was suggesting us to use handlers , I tried the same but could not succeed.

What is the best way to indicate to the user that its a scroll view and they have to scroll?

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    For Android, you could customize the scrollbar and keep it visible all the time in the following ways:

    Step 1. Create a singleton of MainActivity in MainActivity.cs

    public class MainActivity : MauiAppCompatActivity {
        public static MainActivity Instance { get; private set; }
        protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)
            Instance = this;

    Step 2. Add a custom scrollbar and keep it visible.

            protected override void OnHandlerChanged()
    #if ANDROID
                var view = test_coll.Handler.PlatformView as Android.Views.View; // test_coll is the name of collectionview
                view.VerticalScrollBarEnabled = true;
                view.ScrollBarStyle = Android.Views.ScrollbarStyles.InsideOverlay;
    // You c use your own scrollbars by putting your own custom scrollbar styles into `Platforms/Android/Resources/Drawable` folder.
                view.VerticalScrollbarThumbDrawable = AppCompatResources.GetDrawable(MainActivity.Instance, Resource.Drawable.btn_checkbox_checked_mtrl);
                view.ScrollbarFadingEnabled = false;

    For iOS, the scroll view only shows the scroll bar when scrolling, which is not customizable due to Apple's limitations.

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