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Excuse me, i use ASP.Net Core MVC then i use Blazor as component for user interface. Which mean for route using controller in MVC feature and user interface using Blazor component.

.Net 8 has released. So i have intents to use feature "Interactive Auto".

So i read document about that (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/blazor/components/integration?view=aspnetcore-8.0&source=docs#use-non-routable-components-in-pages-or-views).

But i have confused at configuration in Program.cs. At this section "app.MapRazorComponents<App>().AddInteractiveServerRenderMode();".

Because i don't use "App.razor". What should i do for replace the "App"?

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  1. Bruce (SqlWork.com) 49,051 Reputation points

    To create a Blazor UI you need a Blazor root component, which by convention is named App.razor. you should use the name of your root UI component. Not sure what you just don't use App.razor.

    in .net 8 razor components can be static (server rendered only). this allows a razor page or MVC view to render html with a razor component. as these are static any client interactive UI must be done in javascript.

    you also of the option of the component being a server pre-render, then use a signal/r hub back to the hosted blazor app. the docs explain how to add the hub support to the MVC or razor page layout.