python sdk getting Status code: 404 connecting to cosmosdb

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Hi all,

I am getting 404 status code when I am doing any of the operation using CosmosClient.

I have cosmos db (mongo) setup in my subscription. While debugging I could see the "get_database_client"

& "get_container_client" works (as shown in the below screenshot), but all other operations ending with "Status code: 404\nb'', <class 'NoneType'>: None"

Python Packages :



Python Code:

HOST = config.settings['host']
MASTER_KEY = config.settings['master_key']
DATABASE_ID = config.settings['database_id']
CONTAINER_ID = config.settings['container_id']

def run_sample():
    proxy_config = ProxyConfiguration()
    proxy = ""
    if == 'nt' and proxy is not None:
      proxy_config.Host = proxy
    client = cosmos_client1.CosmosClient(HOST, credential=MASTER_KEY, proxy_config = proxy_config, consistency_level = 'Session')
    db = client.get_database_client(DATABASE_ID)
    print ("db link", db.database_link)
    container = db.get_container_client(CONTAINER_ID)
      for i in range(2, 5):
            'id': 'item{0}'.format(i),
            'username': 'rishabht_{0}'.format(i),
            'type': 'bitbucket',
            'token': 'XXXXX'
    except exceptions.CosmosResourceNotFoundError as e:
       x =e  

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  1. Sajeetharan 856 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi Rishabh,

    For opensource APIs such as Mongo API, Cassandra API and Gremlin, we recommend using the opensource drivers. only for the NOSQL API we have our built in SDKs.

    In your case, you can use any of the opensource drivers mentioned here.

    Yes if you are using Python, then you can follow the quick start here,

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