Does anyone know if and/or when SSMS will stop supporting the DATETIME data type?


I am aware that the DATETIME is no longer part of the ANSI/ISO Standards and I heard that Microsoft stated that they would eventually discontinue support for this data type in favor of the ANSI/ISO Standard DATETIME2 data type. However, I have some folks requiring an official timeline for this and since I did not have one, so thought I would ask.

Now I realize that Microsoft might not have an official timeline for this as of yet but I thought I would do my due diligence and check. Personally I think its pointless from a developer's perspective since the DATETIME is no long part of the ANSI/ISO Standards and as such should be phased out of any code regardless and definitely before the last moment when it becomes a major project rather than a series of very minor adjustment as we go.

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    Never mind someone in another space shared with me the answer to this that cannot so easily be found here within The answer in short is that there is no current plan to deprecate the DATETIME and GETDATE() features and they will of course only create a Backwards Incompatibility for compelling reasons. Such as, the compelling reasons for the numerous deprecations introduced in SQL Server 2017. So with DATETIME no longer an ANSI/ISO Standard which effects its accompanying function GETDATE() the question is, how long before there becomes a compelling reason.

    That said be proactive not reactive start the slow migration away from DATETIME towards DATETIME2 and a slow migration away from GETDATE() in favor of the newer SYSDATETIME() function. The other options is to feel the pain when the world passes you by and you are finally forced to make a sweeping major change that just might put you out of business.

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