DateTime.Parse vs Convert.ToDateTime

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As most of the times I cannot reply to my own threads, in continue of:

I need to get date and time from a custom date time control and save it into registry, then load it back to the control.

That's the best method to parse the string back to DateTime?


What about Convert.ToDateTime(now2) compared to DateTime.Parse?

Convert.ToDateTime seems to work too, but which one is better to avoid possible exceptions?

Thanks all

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    There's not much difference, you can even see the difference if you decompile the source/lookup the C# reference source online.

    The main difference is that is coalesces a null input to a new DateTime(0) (i.e. DateTime.MinValue) which feels a bit wonky to me.

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    Apart from that the only other difference is that you can't pass DateTimeStyles like you can with DateTime.Parse / DateTime.TryParse so the resulting DateTime will always represent the date in Local time rather than Utc.

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