Regarding upgrade on Self hosted IR do we get any email notification in ADF

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Is there a proposed solution to prevent future failures, considering options like enabling auto-upgrade in Azure Data Factory and addressing the impact on production jobs, including those related to self-hosted Integration Runtimes?

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    Hi HideyoshiAkaio

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    In additional to @Vinodh247 response, Azure Data Factory does not send email notifications for Self-hosted Integration Runtime upgrades. you can monitor the upgrade status of Self-hosted Integration Runtimes in Azure Data Factory by checking the upgrade status in the Azure portal.

     Yes, there are proposed solutions to prevent future failures in Azure Data Factory, including enabling auto-upgrade and addressing the impact on production jobs related to self-hosted Integration Runtimes.

    consider disabling the auto-upgrade option in the production environment. Manually upgrade your Self-Hosted Integration Runtimes (SHIR) in production as needed. Keep the auto-upgrade option enabled only in lower environments.


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    Hi HideyoshiAkaio:

    Thanks for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A.

    Are you asking about receiving notification before the auto-upgrade of SHIR or notifications/advisory about the proposed impact the jobs might face once the upgrade has been completed successfully?

    Pls note that the auto-upgrade will be managed internally, and you won't be having a control over it.

    This is what microsoft had to say regarding the Integration runtime auto-upgrade.

    To ensure the stability of self-hosted integration runtime, although we release two versions, we'll only push one version every month. So sometimes you find that the auto-updated version is the previous version of the actual latest version. If you want to get the latest version, you can go to download center and do so manually. Additionally, auto-update to a new version is managed internally. You can't change it. The self-hosted integration runtime Auto update page in the ADF portal shows the newer version if current version is old. When your self-hosted integration runtime is online, this version is auto-update version and will automatically update your self-hosted integration runtime in the scheduled time. But if your self-hosted integration runtime is offline, the page only shows the latest version. If you have multiple nodes, and for some reasons that some of them aren't auto-updated successfully. Then these nodes roll back to the version, which was the same across all nodes before the auto-update.

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