How to load the data from excel file in a shared drive to azure table using logic app?



For the use case, a small static table of 1000 records with 4 columns is needed. Is it ok to use azure table storage? How to upload the data from the excel file in the shared drive to azure table?

Should I follow these steps? What's the subsequent step to insert in to azure table? Kindly assist. Thanks

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    The flow looks good;

    1. When a File is Created: Trigger the Logic App when a new file is added to the shared drive.
    2. Get File Content: Retrieve the contents of the Excel file.
    3. List Rows Present in a Table: List the rows from the Excel file that you want to upload to Azure Table Storage. But, you will need to add a new step in your Logic App that uses the Azure Table Storage connector and choose one of the operations based on your requirement. You will map the data from your Excel file to the table's columns and execute the operation, which will insert the data into Azure Table Storage.

    Next steps to insert data into Azure Table Storage:

    1. Add an Action for Azure Table Storage: After listing the rows, you need to add an action that connects to Azure Table Storage. Choose the "Insert Entity" action if you want to add new records.
    2. Map Excel Data to Azure Table: In the "Insert Entity" action, map the Excel data fields to the Azure Table's columns.
    3. Insert or Merge/Replace Entity: Depending on whether you want to add new records or update existing ones, choose either the "Insert or Merge Entity" or "Insert or Replace Entity" action.
    4. Configure the Action: Set the partition key, row key, and other entity properties that correspond to your Azure Table's schema.
    5. Save and Run the Logic App: Save your changes and run the Logic App to start the data transfer from the Excel file to the Azure Table Storage. Considerations for using Azure Table Storage:
    • Azure Table Storage is suitable for a small static table of 1000 records with 4 columns.
    • Ensure that the table's schema in Azure Table Storage matches the data structure in the Excel file.
    • Test the Logic App with a few entries first to make sure that the data is mapped and inserted correctly into Azure Table Storage.

    Also, remember to check any connections and permissions required for the Logic App to access your Storage.

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