Error when trying to load control type GetInt64

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Hello everyone

I am starting programming in c sharp C#

I am trying to load the data of the controls

This is my Code

 using (var Conexion = new SqlConnection(VariablesGlobales.CadenaConexion))
                    string consultaSQL = "Select FechaFegistro, TipoFactura, TotalImporte, CodigoCliente from TblaFactura2 WHERE CodigoFactura =@CodigoFactura";

                    var comando = new SqlCommand(consultaSQL, Conexion);
                    comando.Parameters.AddWithValue("@CodigoFactura", txtCodigoFactura.Text);
                    // LD=LectorDatos

                    SqlDataReader LD = comando.ExecuteReader();

                    if (LD.Read() == true)
                        // Establecemos valores de la asignación, en el mismo orden de los valores de la consulta
                        DateTimePickerFechaRegistro.Value = LD.GetDateTime(LD.GetOrdinal("FechaFegistro"));
                        cboTipo_Factura.Text = LD.GetString(LD.GetOrdinal("TipoFactura"));
                        txtTotalImporte.Text = LD.GetDecimal(LD.GetOrdinal("TotalImporte")).ToString("N2");
                        txtCodigoCliente.Text = LD.GetInt64(LD.GetOrdinal("CodigoCliente"));

All the controls load me well,

but in this line of code an error appears and that control does not want to load.

txtCodigoCliente.Text = LD.GetInt64(LD.GetOrdinal("CodigoCliente"));

My database is: SQL Server and the field: Client Code, the data type is: bigint

The error that appears is:


The code is also put like this:
txtCodigoCliente.Text = LD.GetString(LD.GetOrdinal("CodigoCliente"));

And when I run it I get this error

I hope you can help me.

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  1. Jiachen Li-MSFT 29,026 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @ELIRDFUL ,

    You have to convert an int64 value to a string and then assign it to txtCodigoCliente.Text.

    txtCodigoCliente.Text = LD.GetInt64(LD.GetOrdinal("CodigoCliente")).ToString();

    Best Regards.

    Jiachen Li

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