How can I add a list of IP ranges to be whitelisted in Azure Cosmos DB?

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From Azure Cosmos DB networking tab, I'm able to add individual IP address for whitelisting But I have a few IP ranges. Please let me know how to add them.

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  1. TP 83,066 Reputation points

    Hi Sheethal,

    You can add the public IP ranges in Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) format. You can use a free online IP range to CIDR calculator to help (search engine will give many to choose from).

    For example, say you wanted to allow IP range -, you would enter on the Networking blade of your Cosmos DB.

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  2. Sajeetharan 2,031 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Check the way to add using the Azure CLI here

    # Create an Azure Cosmos DB account with default values and IP Firewall enabled




    # Make sure there are no spaces in the comma-delimited list of IP addresses or CIDR ranges.

    az cosmosdb create -n $accountName -g $resourceGroupName --locations regionName='West US 2' failoverPriority=0 isZoneRedundant=False --locations regionName='East US 2' failoverPriority=1 isZoneRedundant=False --ip-range-filter $ipRangeFilter

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