Microsoft.Graph.Models.RecurrencePattern to RRule Converter

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I am reading Microsoft Calendar using Microsoft Graph SDK Library and want to save the content into .ics and .csv format. for which i need to convert propriety Microsoft.Graph.Models.RecurrencePattern to standard RRule format.

Can anyone throw some light? Any sample code or Is there any Converter library available ?


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  1. CarlZhao-MSFT 40,221 Reputation points

    Hi @Jiya desai

    What you need to do is:

    • Create a StringBuilder object to store the event data.
    • Write a header line containing the event properties you want to return, such as ID, subject, start time, end time, etc. Separate each property with a comma.
    • Iterate through the result object, which is an IEventCollectionPage object that contains a list of Event objects. For each Event object, write its properties to the StringBuilder object and separate them with commas. After writing each Event object, start a new line.
    • Use the File.WriteAllText() method to save the contents of the StringBuilder object as a .csv file. Refer to the following code example:
    var result = await graphClient.Users["{user_id}"].Calendar.Events.GetAsync();
    // Create a string builder to store the event data
    var sb = new StringBuilder();
    // Write the header row
    // Write the event data
    foreach (var e in result.Value)
        sb.Append(e.Id + ",");
        sb.Append(e.Subject + ",");
        sb.Append(e.Start.DateTime + ",");
        sb.Append(e.End.DateTime + ",");
        sb.Append(e.Location.DisplayName + ",");
        sb.Append(string.Join(";", e.Attendees.Select( a => a.EmailAddress.Address)));
    // Save the string builder content as a .csv file 
    File.WriteAllText("C:\\events.csv", sb.ToString());

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    Hope this helps.

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