Issue with Microsoft Graph API call to retrieve online meeting information

MICHEL, Erwan 0 Reputation points

I am using the Microsoft Graph API to retrieve a list of participants for a meeting. However, sometimes the API calls do not work properly and I do not know why. Here is my approach:

  1. Search for joinURL with the following API endpoint: User's image
  2. Retrieve an event ID from the response.
  3. Use this ID with the following API endpoint:
  4. Retrieve a joinURL from the response. User's image
  5. Use the following API endpoint to retrieve the online meeting information:$filter=JoinWebUrl+eq+' .v2/0?context={"Tid"%3a"76a2ae5a-9f00-4f6b-95ed-5d33d77c4d61"%2c"Oid"%3a"XXXXXX-XXXX-4c30-9e6e-1bdac35800dd"}'

Sometimes, I receive the following error: User's image

I am unsure why this error is happening, as the meeting is still on my calendar, I am the organizer, and the meeting has taken place. Do you have any suggestions for how I can resolve this issue? Thank you for your help!

Best regards, Erwan

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  1. MICHEL, Erwan 0 Reputation points

    Hello Akash,

    I realize that this phenomenon is linked to requests for meetings prior to a date in June 2023. The date in question is not easy to determine because I can have consistent answers for a date in June and errors for the same date.

    Does this information give you a useful indication?



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  2. Akash Jadav 85 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi Michel Erwan,

    The issue which we suspect is in the step5 itself. The syntax for passing JoinWebUrl passed in API call is wrong.

    If tried to reproduce the same with same steps. Just want to validate with you if you are able to solve the issue by following the suggested steps.

    We can try following steps and if these works, we can accept the suggested solution as answer:

    1. Replace $filter=JoinWebUrl+eq+'http....' with $filter=JoinWebUrl eq 'http....'
    2. Paste the JoinUrl value from step4 as we receive in response, here we can see that pasted url contains context={....} which is different as received in response context=%7b%....
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