Singleproject Maui Android net8.0 | required location of AndroidManifest.xml changed after upgrading?

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I have experienced that after upgrading my project to net8.0 that the required location for the Manifest has changed from Platforms/Android to the root of the project.

I have the feeling that this was not intended or even a bug, the lack of documentation on a change like this is one of the reasons for my suspicion.

My question is if this is a bug and/or how i could fix this inside my project.

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    My question is if this is a bug and/or how i could fix this inside my project.

    This is a mistake.

    The MAUI project structure in DotNet 8 has not changed from previous versions.

    According to my tests, this issue does not occur after upgrading with the official upgrade assistant or manually through Upgrading .NET MAUI from .NET 7 to .NET 8.

    Best Regards,

    Alec Liu.

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