What are the prices of gpt-35-turbo-1106 and gpt-4-1106-preview. Why did I spend so much?

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Why does gpt-35-turbo-1106 cost so much?

Between November 20th and November 22nd, I spent 97.95k Prompt tokens and 19.64k Completion tokens in gpt-35-turbo-1106, but it cost $6.92 in azure, is this normal?

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    Dec 4 2023, support team member emailed back to me, confirmed there are indeed some issues with the billing, let's wait then...

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  1. Dev Arch 36 Reputation points

    I just went back in today, and found that there were some extra tokens showing up that had not shown before, and now my calculations are working out ok (I didn't use the service for a couple of days, to let the reporting catch up). I haven't tried this yet, but I wonder if your calculations would work out ok, if you looked at a specific range or date, a couple of days in the past.

    My specific observations this morning are:
    Completion tokens: 54.11k

    Prompt tokens: 207.32k

    Manually Calculated Complete Cost: 54.11 * .03 = 1.6233

    Manually Calculated Prompt Cost: 207.32 * .01 = 2.0732

    Manually Calculated Total Cost: 3.6965

    Matches what I see in the Cost Analysis: $3.70

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  2. Richard Matthews 0 Reputation points

    Do we have an update on this? I’m currently beta-testing an application for pricing purposes and noticed this as well. It’s causing some confusion.