How to convert csv file from UNIX (LF) format to DOS/Windows (CR-LF) format?

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I am having an issue with using CSV files that were generated from HTTP (URI) using GET method and saved as csv file.

I am creating csv file using Azure Logic App.

Below is diagram of my current Logic App.

It just gets data from URI and creates into csv file.

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The issue with generated CSV file is that it is created as UNIX format (so it creates extra " and period ( , )).

So, when I tried to use Python code to extract data from each daily csv file, it creates a problem.

It only works when I open that csv file and save again in a Windows environment.

Is there anything in Azure environment (in Logic App possibly) that specify file format as DOS/Windows (CR-LF) format instead of UNIX (LF) when I create a file or possibly convert from UNIX to DOS/Windows?

Also, the generated CSV file is not a general tabular data, but it contains data in random places in csv file.

So I cannot just import directly into SQL.

This is reference (I posted this question to Stackoverflow):

I have been trying to resolve this issue for last three weeks, so if you can guide me (how to fix in Azure environment), that would be great.

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