Phone numbers cannot be used to verify my locked account, options?

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The system rejects all phone numbers I try, rejects Windows Hello with PIN, rejects backup email. See screenshot.


I filled password recovery form, changed the password for the locked account but still no access.

I filled the Account Reinstatement form two times, each time someone replies and suggest to try a different phone number. I explained that phone numbers are rejected but still get the same suggestion.

The account was blocked once and I used an SMS code to unblock it. In an hour it was blocked again and SMS are not sent anymore. I unlocked it once again somehow by entering last digits of my phone number, but it was blocked again in an hour and that method does not work anymore. Two weeks of trying.

I need to unblock it and prevent such false detection of unusual activity.

THIS is an additional question to this one:

This question was asked because the first one was deleted initially for not following community guidelines but later was restored. See the original question for details. Thanks.

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  1. S.Sengupta 17,126 Reputation points MVP

    Kindly go through the following Microsoft reference article:

    Help with the Microsoft account recovery form

    It can be a lengthy process as it's designed to ask questions about your account that only you can answer. Microsoft will review your answers and respond within 24 hours.