How to eliminate the virtualstore "definitive redirection" for my legit file

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My legacy app writes a log file to C:\log.txt

(please, no comments about if it's a good or bad thing to write on C:, PLEASE, I have my reasons: users request, legacy app written for winXP - please)

Since someone has "touched" the file with an unknow user (using API "writeprivateprofilestring"), the Win Virtual Store mechanism (without saying anything!) copied the file to the VirtualStore, and now win always use that file. My file is still here, and is ignored (without make me know that!), also if I delete and recreate it that file name is condemned for ever, the c:\log.txt file is ignored.

Now I see the file C:\log.txt which now is a fake file, because the "real" file is the log.txt file in virtualstore. Forever.

If I delete the file and recreate it (as an admin too...) no way, the effective file remains the one in virtualstore.

I would like to cancel this (definitive) "redirection"

how do I correct it?

Thank you

I use Win 10 home, as I know the silly silent evil virtualstore in win10home cannot be disabled.

I simply need to delete the "mandatory perpetual redirection". Please, evil virtualstore, give my file back.

thank you

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