In Azure Service Bus Premium tier, how many operations per month can 1 MU handle

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In Production we have used Azure service bus premium tier namespace. In the scale configuration we have provisioned 4 Messaging Units as the minimum value and 16 is the maximum.

As a part of the cost analysis we wanted to see if lowering the minimum messaging units from 4 to 1/2 is possible so that cost can be saved(but obviously not at the cost of performance) Our peak load is around 9000 messages per minute and message size is close to 4KB.

Other than load test(we need to do multiple load test runs starting with 1 MU), Is there a way to determine what is maximum no of operations/messages that a messaging unit can support given the above profile of messages that the service bus needs to handle?.

This link below states that for 1 MU there are two VMs in order to provide proper fail-over for the 99.9% SLA



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    @suvra jyoti There is no fixed throughput on Service Bus Premium, as it depends a lot on the characteristics of your workloads and messages. In general we see that on an optimized namespace you can reach around 4MB/s per MU, however this may be higher or lower depending on your specifics. For more information on these characteristics, and how to optimize your workloads, please have a look at This also has a reference to a benchmarking tool to test the throughput for your namespace.

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    Hello Suvra,

    here is a reference to a Microsoft Learn article that discusses the operations per month that 1 MU can handle in the Azure Service Bus Premium tier:

    This article states that the number of operations per month that 1 MU can handle depends on the type of operation. Here is a table that summarizes the operations and their respective capacities:

    Send message 100,000,000
    Receive message 100,000,000
    Management operation (CRUD) 10,000,000

    These capacities are based on the assumption that the workload is evenly distributed across all entities (queues, topics, and subscriptions) within the messaging unit. In actual usage, the throughput may vary depending on the specific workload characteristics.

    For example, if your workload primarily consists of sending messages, a single MU can handle up to 100 billion messages per month. However, if your workload involves a mix of sending, receiving, and management operations, the overall throughput may be lower.

    To ensure optimal performance, it's recommended to monitor your workload and adjust the number of MUs accordingly. You can also leverage Azure Service Bus's scaling capabilities to dynamically increase or decrease the number of MUs based on your changing needs.

    I took Chat GPT's help to correct my self and write some sentence in details :P: .

    Please let me know if its helpful.

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