While assigning dynamic scope resource type error

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I executed following 2 commands:


$mc=Get-AZMaintenanceConfiguration -ResourceGroupName Ue2PrD01ResourceGroup -Name Dr01MainteanceConfig


New-AzConfigurationAssignment -ConfigurationAssignmentName $mc.Name -MaintenanceConfigurationId $mc.Id -FilterLocation eastus2 -FilterOsType Windows -FilterTag '{"EnvironmentCode" : ["Dev01"] }' '{"EnvironmentType" : ["Development"] }' '{"Team" : ["DCloud Raiders test@gmail.com"] }'

Error: I see after debug

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  1. Dillon Silzer 56,521 Reputation points

    Hi sns,

    As stated in the error, 'resourceType' cannot be null. Here is an example with resourceType:

    New-AzConfigurationAssignment -ResourceGroupName smdtest$location -ResourceParentType hostGroups -ResourceParentName smddhg$location -ResourceType hosts -ResourceName smddh$location -ProviderName Microsoft.Compute -ConfigurationAssignmentName $maintenanceConfigurationName -MaintenanceConfigurationId $maintenanceConfigurationCreated.Id -Location $location


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  2. Monalla-MSFT 12,846 Reputation points

    @sns - Thanks for reaching out to us.

    I see that you have posted a similar question here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/1437305/resource-type-cant-be-null, reposting the solution here for the broader community here.

    ResourceType is optional since 1.3.1 release, before this version it was mandatory. Please ensure to use only 1 PS module version.

    Hope this helps. and please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

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