How to resolve Bookings availability issue when staff is assigned to service?

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Hello! I'm experiencing an issue with a Bookings page where one of the staff member's availability isn't visible to clients when they try to schedule a service. The availabilities are cut off for clients on December 11th, but it should run until December 20th. However, everything up until the 11th is correct. Here are the details:

  • I have two services on the page, with one staff member assigned to each.
  • When that particular staff member is removed from the service page, the dates and times are correct.
  • I tested this with other staff members, and only had the problem with the one particular staff member.
  • I have made a new service page for the staff member, but it did not resolve the issue.
  • I have created an entirely new Bookings page with new services, but the problem persists.
  • There were no calendar conflicts from the 11th and onwards for the staff member as well.

I have included pictures of the service's availability settings as well as the staff member's availability settings for reference. I would appreciate any help I can get in resolving this issue. Thank you!


  • 455DC737-F3F7-4860-9829-5E0DD5251F20
  • 3C1874DE-5F4D-4DD7-8CE3-C0654A4D1610
  • 6C83115C-0939-456B-8CB5-95D84FD00589
  • 8BA1A3EF-69C3-41BB-B93F-7EC71CEA1E93
  • AB91075B-9ED0-4746-A6A3-B73CAAD7A865
  • 821755B9-B5F3-452C-82FF-CB3CE20D43D3
  • 821755B9-B5F3-452C-82FF-CB3CE20D43D3

Additionally, here is what I am seeing on the client end with these settings:


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