Data collector from Wordpress website to Microsoft Sentinel.

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Is there any idea how you can forward logs from Wordpress Website(Hosted in an Ubuntu VM in Azure) to Microsoft Sentinel.

My idea was to convert activity log to syslog and forward them to a dedicated VM via MelaPress Plugin.

Then, allow this vm to communicate with Microsoft Sentinel.

Please can you suggest me another optimized way(not to use any plugin) how to solve this problem.

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Microsoft Sentinel
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  1. Akshay-MSFT 17,641 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Kevin Dule

    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Q&A. From above description I could understand that you are looking to forwards WordPress webapp logs to Microsoft Sentinel.

    Please do correct me if this is not the case by responding in the comments section.

    Currently we don't have any WordPress Data connector available to be configured with Microsoft Sentinel. Adding to the workaround above instead of using any other plugin and dedicated VM you may use Azure Monitoring Agent to Forward Syslog data from Ubuntu VM to a Log Analytics workspace with Microsoft Sentinel

    You need to follow the given steps as per Tutorial.

    • Create a data collection rule.
    • Verify that Azure Monitor Agent is running.
    • Enable log reception on port 514.
    • Verify that Syslog data is forwarded to your Log Analytics workspace.


    Akshay Kaushik

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