Install of Windows 11 from WSUS server failed with error 0x80244019

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Hello everybody!

I have a problem to upgrade company Windows 10 computers with Windows 11 version 23h2 x64 2023-11B update using our internal WSUS server. Downloading usually stops at 12% with error 0x80244019.

I've found some errors in log files. e.g. in file ReportingEvents.logUser's image

And there are also errors in WindowsUpdate log


It seem, that problem is with downloading some files within Windows 11 version 23h2 x64 2023-11B (ID 2EF6DF6E-659A-434E-99CA-44D34689512F.100)

FAILED [80070002] Error from a child update (A49602E8-D667-4A46-95EA-F055BA89F161.100) of the update 2EF6DF6E-659A-434E-99CA-44D34689512F.100

but I don't know, what file is connected to ID A49602E8-D667-4A46-95EA-F055BA89F161.100 to check it on wsus server.

In the past there was no problem to upgrade Win10 20H2 to Win10 21H2 or 22H2 using wsus server

Thank you for your help!

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  1. Snead, Matt 90 Reputation points

    Figured it out. I found in the update logs the path it was trying to download that file from on the WSUS server and when I went to that path in a browser, the file was refusing to download. I first verified that the file was actually on the server and not corrupt (both checked out). I then noticed that WIM files were kind of obscure in all of the content folders. Only because I have web development and server experience did it hit me that maybe the MIME type for WIM files was not registered in IIS. Sure enough that was the issue. Just needed to add WIM as a MIME type and then restarted the windows update service and it installed.

    I found the following two articles advising on this subject:,application%2Fx%2Dms%2Dwim



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  1. Snead, Matt 90 Reputation points

    I am noticing a similar issue. I may have identified the problem file: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\cc10bc51abcba6f633af0dd8ee41c226\AppClientMoments.wim

    I say that because twice now I have gone through the process of resetting Windows Update, in which part of that process is to delete the SoftwareDistribution folder. And twice now the "AppClientMoments.wim" file has been stuck locked by a phantom process in which Windows would not let me delete the file, citing it as being in-use. Process Monitor nor Resource Monitor could identify the process locking the file. Now, on the third time of trying again, I see a bunch of files as having downloaded but that AppClientMoments.wim file is sitting there at 0 bytes and my download status is hanging there at 0%.

    (edit: I am also updating via WSUS)

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  2. P D 25 Reputation points

    Hello Matt,

    thank you for your post, it resolved my issue. I've added .WIM and .MSU to MIME Types in IIS and now it is working.

    Thanks for your help!

    P D

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