Win11 login page keeps asking for password (not PIN) and now even needs Ctrl+Alt+Del

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For at least the last year I've had my screen timeout set to 15 minutes and if I come back to the laptop after that, the screen has gone black and when I wake it up with a mouse-click or press a key on the keyboard, it asked me for my PIN.

For the last week or so, 90% of the time instead of asking me for the PIN it asks me for the password. I have to click on sign-on options and switch to PIN.

For the last day it's gotten even worse. Now when I wake it up from black screen (not sleep), instead of asking me for the password instead of PIN, now it won't do anything until I press Ctrl+Alt+Del. After which it then asks me for password mostly.

I just want to get back to normal where it doesn't need Ctrl+Alt+Del and always asks for PIN. Can I do that? Do I need to uninstall some updates?

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