How sensitive is connection for Azure Service Bus for Dev and Production environment

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I am trying to create a Azure Service Bus under a same Azure Subscriptions for Dev environment and for Production environment.

Initially, my company was thinking about having a separate Azure Subscriptions for Dev, but it appears that I need to create another Azure Service Bus under the same Subscriptions.

I am just curious how sensitive Azure Service Bus would be if it is under same Subscription.

Also, is it safe to create under same Resource group?

So, the concern is since there is a lot of traffics (Topic --> Subscription model) that we need to connect and get the data on a daily basis from third party's API, we are just trying to be cautious for implication.

Or is it just a matter of scheduling and speed of pulling the data that would make a difference (to prevent from crashing API data inflow)?

Where should I pay attention for performance / API failure issue?

Azure Service Bus
Azure Service Bus
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    Hi King Java,

    A small clarification before answer you , Publish/Suscriber pattern architecture is that you will implement, where Azure service bus is the Message Broker

    Publish-subscribe pattern using a message broker

    On the other hand Azure subscription is a logical container for your resources ,so It isn't a data flow there it self.

    Now going to your question you have best practice to arrange your resources either within same subscription or same resource group here some consideration to choose what you need:


    Resource Groups

    • Lifecycle: All the resources in your group should share the same lifecycle. You deploy, update, and delete them together If one resource, such as Service Bus, needs to exist on a different deployment cycle it could be in another resource group.
    • Organization: You decide how you want to allocate resources to resource groups based on what makes the most sense for your organization
    • Isolation: Like in subscription it's possible to have both Dev and Production environments in the same resource group, it's generally a good practice to keep them separate.

    Finally about your concern on the traffic (security and performance ), and if this third party's API is on Azure subscription you can try to integrate at network layer. Using mechanism like Azure private endpoint , Service Endpoint. this depends on the network configuration and where is this third party's API.

    Let me know if this help you.

    Cheers, Luis

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