How to do the on duplicate update in insert query in sql

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Hi @everyone,

Please share your knowledge to do the on duplicate update in sql.

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  1. Arutprakasam 261 Reputation points

    Hi @Olaf Helper , My requirement is I have to insert some col1, col2. Out of this col2 is unique column. So already col2 having same value. So I want to update that value automatically while doing the insert.

  2. Bruce ( 61,491 Reputation points

    use the merge statement

    merge MyTable t
    using (select @col1, @col2) as s (col1, col2)
      on t.col2 = s.col2
    when matched then 
      update set col1 = s.col1
    when not matched then
      insert (col1, col2)
      values (s.col1, s.col2) 
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