Multiple VNET traffic to Virtual Palo Alto

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Hello team,

I have a design question. I've created multiple VNETs ( for DMZ and LAN environment ) in Microsoft Azure and set up IPSEC tunnel to remote site on Azure so that traffic can travserve and is working right now.

However, I did setup virtual Palo Alto in Azure and traffic from Multiple VNETs need to redirect to Palo Alto VM instead of Azure IPSEC.

We have 6 VNETs and Virtual Palo Alto has trusted and untrusted interfaces with default IP assignment.

  1. Please advise How can I traverse traffic from these VNETs to Palo Alto.
  2. Also, please advise do I need to create 6 IPSEC tunnels ( one of each VNET ) in Palo Alto to remote location ?

Thank you in advance

Azure Virtual Network
Azure Virtual Network
An Azure networking service that is used to provision private networks and optionally to connect to on-premises datacenters.
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  1. Joe Carlyle 661 Reputation points MVP

    1- You can use Route Tables or Route Server to direct traffic to Palo Alto, for example a route of to next hop of your trusted interface IP. In advance, you would need to peer your other vnets to the vnet with the palo.

    2 - I presume this means you want to move from Azure terminating VPN to terminating on the Palo? If so, yes you would need a tunnel per site. However, I wouldn't create a tunnel for each VNET. A hub spoke vnet design is much more efficient -