directX error: my 3080 has been identified as two identical GPU,it has two LUID

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I have a problem when I use some deep learning software for inference, such as roop and topaz, which can choose to use GPU or CPU for inference. However, no matter if I force the GPU or let the software automatically choose the best method, it cannot properly select my 3080. But if I use stable diffusion, which is another software, it can correctly select my 3080 for inference,because it is cuda. I checked and found that the model format of topaz is ov, and the model format of roop is onnx. If I use onnxruntime, which runs on directml, I cannot use the GPU properly. The possible reason is that directML recognizes my one 3080 as two 3080, which prevents me from correctly specifying the 3080 for inference. I can also see that I have two 3080 in the hardware selection of topaz, but I only have one. How can I solve this problem?[Image


This is my previous question, and now there is new progress. I checked the registry information of directX and found that there are two different items in the registry item of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectX, as shown in the picture below. They are both 3080, but except for AdapterLuid, they are exactly the same, that is to say, my only 3080 generated two different AdapterLuid at the same time. What is the problem, and I can also see two 3080 in the hardware options of the 3Dmark test. The difference is that one of the 3080 shows that it is not connected to the monitor.QQ截图20231129214254


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