Azure Virtual Desktop- Fslogix, GPO configuration for Azure AD Session host(DC is in On prem)

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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to build AVD for our Org.

Right now Domain controller is in On prem, Just Users profiles(Hybrid) are in sync with azure(Azure AD connect). I have created AVD environment with just One Session host(Windows 11 multi session).

I could launch the desktop with local profile.

I have to work on Fslogix Profile configuration now.

I followed below steps,

  • Created storage account and file share
  • I enabled Azure AD kerberos and granted "admin consent for default directory" for storage account.
  • Assigned SMB Access Control for storage account
  • Granted NFTS permission for the share
  • Configured Azure Ad kerberos registry on the session host to retrieve Kerberos ticket
  • "I dont have access to my file share from my Session host"
  • I have to configure FSlogix.

Win 11 Multisession have Fslogix preinstalled. So i just added two reg key (VHD locations, enabled) in HKLM\SOFTWARE\FSLOGIX\PROFILES in session host. Do i have to add any other settings in Fslogix? Since my session hosts are in Azure Ad only joined, I'm unsure how to configure Fslogix without GPO.

Appreciate your assistance

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