How should I know that I am using certificate pinning, for Azure Storage services

Shyam Surapaneni 20 Reputation points

How should I check that I am using certificate pinning, for Azure Storage services.

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Azure Blob Storage
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  1. JimmySalian-2011 42,066 Reputation points

    Hi Shyam,

    Please check this page and this is in regards to the current circular by Microsoft to update the trusted root cert? If yes then read this article to understand the details of the Certificate pinning -

    Hope this helps.



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  2. Anand Prakash Yadav 7,780 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello Shyam Surapaneni,

    Thank you for posting your query here!

    Certificate pinning is a security practice that involves associating a specific cryptographic public key with a particular web server. This is done to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks by ensuring that the client only accepts certificates signed by a trusted authority and matching the expected public key or certificate.

    However, please note that traditional certificate pinning may not be directly applicable to Azure Storage services, as they typically rely on HTTPS for secure communication.

    If you mean to detect certificate pinning in your application, you may refer to the following steps:

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  3. Pedro Hermida 5 Reputation points

    The original question was: "How should I know that I am using certificate pinning, for Azure Storage services". Unless I missed something, all I see is a copy past and a dissertation of what pinning is but not HOW TO KNOW.

    In our case, we are using Synology Hyper Backup to backup data to Azure Storage, and we would really like to know if we are directly, indirectly, knowing or unknowingly, using pinning. So again, HOW TO KNOW.

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  4. Akshay Buche (Infosys Ltd) 20 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Sumarigo-MSFT , couple of weeks back we received an email regarding certificate pinning on Azure storage, in that 3 of our subscriptions are tagged, wanted to understand how those subscriptions were identified and which storages from those subscriptions are impacted due to the certificate pinning and what could be the mitigation action. Could you please help me in understanding more about it. We followed the below article and tried to find out the reference to the certificates in our repo but those are not referred and as per our understanding we don't depend on certificate pinning.,How%20to%20check,-If%20your%20client.-,How%20to%20check,-If%20your%20client) Thanks for your support!

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