Unable to delete resource group due to deny assignment

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I was playing around with using Containers for Azure functions and when I try and clean up, i've been left with resource groups that Azure created for me (this was all done via point & click in the portal - not Bicep or a Blueprint)

When I try and delete them, I get a message that my account has permission, but there is a Deny Assignment on the resource group - All principals are denied, which is an Azure assignment that it won't let me remove (says deny assignments are read-only)

Other tickets mention deleting the app that created the RG to remove the assignment, but the only Enterprise Application I can find that would be relevant tells me that I can't delete it as it is a "Microsoft first party application"

How do I go about deleting these resource groups?

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  1. Luca Lionetti 3,136 Reputation points


    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A community forum!

    try using this command in cloudshell

    Get-AzResourceGroup -Name "YOUR-RG-NAME" | Remove-AzResourceGroup -Force

    Hope this helps



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  2. Mike Urnun 9,786 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Dave Clements - Thanks for reaching out, and posting on the MS Q&A.

    Could you clarify what the resource groups created by Azure are named? Be sure to omit any private details. Were you deploying ACA to a VNET? If the RGs are preceded with "MC_" you shouldn't have to worry about cleaning them. The Containers Apps team is working on making them invisible. If they don't go away after some time, please consider opening a new issue here for the ACA team to review.

    Feel free to take a look and track the following open issue: https://github.com/microsoft/azure-container-apps/issues/207

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