MAX degree of parallelism on 4 sockets with 4 cores

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Hi all,

I found on a server MAX degree of parallelism a 2 as value.

SQL Server detected 4 sockets with 4 cores per socket and 4 logical processors per socket, 16 total logical processors; using 16 logical processors based on SQL Server licensing.

I thought 4 was the correct value.. I would like confirmation.

Thanks ALEN

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  1. Dan Guzman 9,226 Reputation points

    The "correct" value for "MAX degree of parallelism" depends on your workload. Both 2 and 4 MAXDOP settings are within the "Keep MAXDOP at or below # of logical processors per NUMA node" recommendation.

    I suggest the lower setting on servers with a highly transactional OLTP workload to help mitigate the potential impact parallel reporting type queries might have on the more critical transactional workload.

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