How to identify usage of Azure SQL Database 2014-04-01 APIs before retirement

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I received a notice about retirement of Azure SQL Database 2014-04-01 APIs, what should I do? How do I identify the resources using the old version?

Azure SQL Database 2014-04-01 APIs will be retired on 31 October 2025

You’re receiving this email because you use Azure SQL Database APIs.

To improve performance and security, we’re updating Azure SQL Database APIs. As part of this, all version 2014-04-01 APIs will be retired on 31 October 2025. You’ll need to update your resources, including templates, tools, scripts, and programs, to use a newer API version by then. Any API calls still using the older versions after that date will stop working until you’ve updated them.

Required action 

To avoid potential service disruptions, upgrade [] any Azure SQL Database resources that use version 2014-04-01 APIs to a newer stable version by 31 October 2025.

I found a similar question from 2022 that offered an answer with a query that could be run to do this, but I am not sure where to run such a query. I tried Azure Monitor > Logs but it failed to run.

| where TIMESTAMP > ago(1d)  
| where targetResourceProvider == 'MICROSOFT.SQL'  
| where subscriptionId == 'xxxxxxxxxxxx'  
| where apiVersion == "2014-04-01" or apiVersion == "2014-01-01" or apiVersion == "2014-04-01-preview"

I tried running this in Azure monitor but it does not know what HttpIncomingRequests is.

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  1. GeethaThatipatri-MSFT 29,017 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi, @McDonald, Matthew Thanks for sending the email, I have checked the subscription details which you have shared and I don't see any results It means it's good, no old API calls unless you have an application that ran more than 30 days ago and not at all since then, So if you have some application or pipeline that runs once a year or quarterly, then maybe that might still have issues. But that's very unlikely.

    I hope this information helps.



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  1. Jovin, Srdjan 20 Reputation points

    Hello Matthew,


    Kusto queries are executed in Azure Resource Graph Explorer. To start it, you can search on the

    Azure platform “ Resource Graph Explorer ”. In the query window you can execute Kusto queries (please see the attached screenshot).


    It seems but that there is an issue with the query you found. It fails with the following error message:

    Query is invalid. Please refer to the documentation for the Azure Resource Graph service and fix the error before retrying. (Code:InvalidQuery)


    I tried to query just HttpIncomingRequests but I got this message:

    Table HttpIncomingRequests is invalid, unsupported or disallowed.


    As it could be a permission problem (I do not have privileges on this table) I took a look at the available Resource Graph tables (Understand the query language - Azure Resource Graph | Microsoft Learn) but the table was not listed. Therefore, I am not sure whether the table, HttpIncomingRequests, is still available.  


    Probably I will create a support ticket for the issue.