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ASP.NET Core 6.0 How to add data from database to RDLC report? My method of adding data without database is working fine. But I can't find any way to add database data. I would appreciate it if someone could help. thanks in advance

public IActionResult Print() 
{ 	var dt =new DataTable(); 	
dt = Getcompanylist(); 	int extension = 1;  	
String mimeType = "";  
var path = ${this._webHostEnvironment.WebRootPath}\\Reports\\Report1.rdlc"; 	
Dictionary<String,string> parmeter = new Dictionary<String,string>(); 	
parmeter.Add("prm", "rdlc repirt");  	
LocalReport localreport = new LocalReport(path);  	localreport.AddDataSource("dscompany", dt); 	
var restul = localreport.Execute(RenderType.Pdf, extension, parmeter, mimeType);   	
return File(restul.MainStream, "application/pdf"); }  

//This method works.
public DataTable Getcompanylist() 
{var dt = new DataTable(); 	
dt.Columns.Add("CompanyName"); 	dt.Columns.Add("CompanyContuct"); 	
DataRow row; 	
for (int i = 0;i<=5; i++) 	
{ row =  dt.NewRow(); 		
row["CompanyName"] = i; 		
row["CompanyContuct"] = "Mr jewe"+i; 		
row["Email"] = ""; 		
 return dt; }

//This is my database data. I want to get data from here.
public IActionResult Getcompanylist() 
{ 	var compnay = _context.tbl_Compnays.ToList(); 	
return View(); }
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    Hi @jewel,

    You should convert the List<object> to DataTable. Then the issue will be fixed.

    Here is the test code:

            public DataTable Getcompanylist()
                var compnay = _context.tbl_Compnays.ToList();
                DataTable dt = ToDataTableByList(compnay);
                return dt;
            private static DataTable ToDataTableByList<T>(List<T> list)
                List<PropertyInfo> pList = new List<PropertyInfo>();
                Type type = typeof(T);
                DataTable dt = new DataTable();   
                Array.ForEach<PropertyInfo>(type.GetProperties(), p =>
                    dt.Columns.Add(p.Name, p.PropertyType);
                if (list != null && list.Count > 0)
                    foreach (var item in list)
                        DataRow row = dt.NewRow();
                        pList.ForEach(p => row[p.Name] = p.GetValue(item, null));
                return dt;

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