Replication from a Hyper-V host failed and will not resume

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Hi folks,

I have a HyperV host that has been replicating it's two guest VMs to Azure Site Recovery. However it recently logged the following error in the Hyper-V-MMS Admin event log for both VMs:

Event 33692: Replication provider failed with error code 0x8079000A when processing the replication request for virtual machine '<machine-name>'

After this error replication for both VMs is in a critical state and attempts to resume fail with the following error logged in the Hyper-V-MMS Admin event log:

Event 32022: Hyper-V could not replicate changes for virtual machine '<machine-name>': The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002).

I can't find any reference to the first error code (0x8079000A) anywhere online and the second error makes me suspect that something failed and cause a HRL file to be lost. I would really like to know what the original failure was and if there is a way to recover without simply deleting and recreating the replicas.

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