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I have snapshot of OS disk, I want to revert to back to snapshot state of that VM, Please suggest how it can be done

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    Hello sns, Reverting an Azure VM to a snapshot state in Azure is a bit different than in other environments.Even so Azure allows create disk snapshots, As I know for now it doesn't provide a direct option to revert the same VM back to the previously created snapshot.

    Here there is another conversation thread about it:

    Alternative option is creating a new disk from the snapshot and then swapping the OS disk of your VM with this new disk. Here are the steps:

    1. Create a new disk from the snapshot either by portal ( In the snapshot blade, click on + Create disk. ) or Azure PowerShell example:
    $SnapshotName = "my_snapshot"
    $SnapshotResourceGroup = "my_resource_group"
    $DiskNameOS = "my_new_snapshotdisk"
    $snapshotinfo = Get-AzSnapshot -ResourceGroupName $SnapshotResourceGroup -SnapshotName $snapshotName
    New-AzDisk -DiskName $DiskNameOS (New-AzDiskConfig -zone 1 -Location eastus -CreateOption Copy -SourceResourceId $snapshotinfo.Id) -ResourceGroupName $SnapshotResourceGroup
    1. From the Azure portal going to the VM, selecting "disks", and then selecting "swap os disk" ( it will cause a reboot )

    Let me know if you need additional help.


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    Navigate to snapshot in portal, click Create disk, complete necessary info and create. Wait for it to finish creating new Disk. Next navigate to the VM -- Disks blade, click Swap OS disk, select disk you created above, type in name of VM to confirm, click OK. Once the swap has finished you can navigate back to Overview blade and click Start.

    The above is for VM that only has OS disk.

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