What's the backend mechanisms for azure function service bus trigger? How it works?

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As the title describes, does someone know how various of azure function triggers work, such as the service bus trigger?

MS doc only shows how to use these features, but nowhere explains what it actually does.

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Azure Service Bus
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    @brucezcsi Thanks for reaching out.

    No, it is not continuously polling, it uses a message handler to listen for new messages on the queue or topic. When a new message is detected, the message handler is triggered, and the function is executed. The message handler is implemented using the Service Bus SDK, which provides a message pump that listens for new messages on the queue or topic. However, the message pump is not continuously polling the queue or topic. Instead, it uses a long-polling mechanism to wait for new messages. This means that the message pump will only receive new messages when they are available and will not continuously poll the queue or topic.

    Let me know if you have any queries or concerns.

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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Q&A forum.
    Azure Functions with Service Bus triggers seamlessly integrate serverless compute and message-based communication. The platform abstracts many underlying complexities, such as connection management, scaling, and error handling, allowing developers to focus on the business logic within the function. The polling mechanism, along with automatic scaling, ensures efficient processing of messages from Service Bus entities.

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