Unable to receive email from internal users

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Rephrasing my question since I didn't receive any response to my original post.

-We have hybrid environment with our on-prem AD syncing to Azure AD
-John Smith who used to work for our company now moved to another company with whom we have Azure B2B collaboration enabled
-John had member account in our Azure AD

-John was also invited as guest via his new company email

-instead of deleting his member account, we decided merge the guest and member account
-this is how we did it.

  1. Unsync on-prem email (remove email, set sync to false)
  2. Wait for next sync job
  3. Confirm in azure user is COMPLETELY removed (check Deleted Users too)
  4. Updated his on-prem email field  to match his guest email
  5. Got the Immutable ID for his on-prem email
  6. Mapped the immutable ID for his guest account in Azure to match the immutable ID from on-prem account

-ever since merging, John cannot receive e-mail from users at his old company, they all get a bounce back.

-John can receive email from external users and users from his new company

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