[Urgent] Email mail merge has sent all emails to everyone, Microsoft office 365 on Window 11 PC.

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I have the same problem as this link but a bit different : https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/all/email-mail-merge-has-sent-all-emails-to-everyone/5848b03b-19cc-4113-9972-7a396c761732

  • Situation: I did an email mail merge Salary table to many people, using "Use an existing list" to import excel file to a word file > then insert Merge Field > then Send email message with email adress in excel file. I am using Microsoft office 365 on Window 11 PC.
  • Problem: 1 person got one email which contained their own Salary table at the top of email, and followed by the other Salary tables of the other people. It seems that it looped through all row in excel, starting from the targeted row to the other rows, then emailed to the email in targeted row. Then the same happened to the second row and the rest.
  • My own problem at work: I give above link to my boss and try to explain to him that I did not make that problem intentionally, but he did not believe me. I got to make a second explain to my boss as soon as possible. I have made the same task for many years, but this time I am in a serious trouble.
  • Question: Please help to reproduce this error and find the reason or suggest me something to avoid this kind of error.

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Email of a receiver with her own table at the top, followed by other tablesUser's image

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    One of my users had this same exact problem and I am unsure what went wrong and where. Do you have any update to provide on your issue?

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