Lineage not shown after Snowflake metadata is scanned to Purview

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Hello Community, I'd like to contact you as part of our POC on integrating Snowflale data into Purview. However, we have encountered a specific problem and we think your expertise could help us solve it. The problem is : Lineage not created when scanning Snowflake in Purview. I was able to test with tables and stored procedures (JavaScript and SQL) : 1




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Microsoft Purview
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  1. Debarchan Sarkar - MSFT 321 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Lineage not appearing after scanning Snowflake with Microsoft Purview could be due to several possible reasons. Here are some troubleshooting tips you might want to consider:

    1. Incomplete Scanning: Ensure the scan has completed successfully. Check the scan history for any errors or warnings that might have occurred during the process.
    2. Scope of Scan: Ensure the scope of your scan includes the assets for which you want to create lineage. If a view was created by tables from different databases, you must scan all databases simultaneously using the names in the semicolon (;) list.
    3. Check Account Identifier and Credentials: Check your account identifier in the source registration step. Don't include https:// part at the front. Also, ensure that the user specified in Microsoft Purview has the necessary access rights to both the warehouse and the database you're trying to scan.
    4. Case Sensitivity: Make sure the warehouse name and database name are in capital case on the scan setup page.
    5. Ingestion Process: After the scan, the metadata gathered is ingested into the data map. This process could take time depending on the volume of data. You'll need to wait for the ingestion process to finish before you can see the lineage information.
    6. Check Lineage Support: Not all Snowflake resources support lineage. For example, Stored procedures lineage is supported for Snowflake Scripting (SQL) and JavaScript languages, and generated based on the procedure definition.

    If none of these steps resolve your issue, it would be best to contact Microsoft Support for further assistance. They have more tools and resources available to help troubleshoot this kind of problem.

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