How to group monthly sales by currency in Blazor Server application?

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Hello, I am working on a Blazor Server application and I want to get the monthly total sales. I need to group these sales by the currency (USD, EURO, TL) that they were sold. Here is the query I am currently using to group monthly sales, but I need to group by currency as well. How can I group by monthly sales based on currency?

public async Task<ICollection<ReportSalesDto>> GetMonthlySales(int year, string status)
    await using var ctx = await _db.CreateDbContextAsync();

    return await ctx.OrdersDetail
        .Where(x => x.Order.OrderDateTime.Year == year && x.Status == status)
        .GroupBy(x => new { Month = x.Order.OrderDateTime.Month, Status = x.Status, Currency = x.Currency })
        .Select(u => new ReportSalesDto()
            Month = u.Key.Month,
            //Status = u.Key.Status,
            //Currency = u.Key.Currency,
            TotalSales = u.Sum(x => x.TotalSellPrice)
        .OrderBy(u => u.Month)
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