When creating logic app together with azure function, where should I place the bicep file? in infrastruct repo or function code repo?

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Let's say I have created an Azure function app (with function A,B in it), also I will need a logic app to orchestrate the running sequence of A and B. A simple diagram like following:

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Now my issue came when writing bicep for this.

In general, we separate the infrastructure code from the application code. So I have one CI/CD for just creating the function app (no function deployed). Then another application CI/CD will only do zip deployment for pushing the functions (A, B) into the function app.

The problem is where should I put the bicep for my logic app? in the infrastructure repo or the application repo?

  1. If I put the logic app bicep in the infrastructure repo, it will look like this:
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But this won't work, as the application CI/CD will redeploy the functions which will cause the logic app to throw an "unauthorized" error as the deployment will break the function key, see second answer in this ticket.
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  1. If I put the bicep file with the application code:
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It will work as expected, but this means I will have to include a bicep file and ps1 file inside my application code. Now both my infrastructure repo and application repo will hold bicep files and deal with azure resource creation.
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To me, none of the approaches is ideal....

Wondering which way should I go and why.


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Accepted answer
  1. Mike Urnun 9,236 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Henry Zhang - Thanks for reaching out, and posting on the MS Q&A. Assuming that you're using Logic Apps Standard, here's my suggestion:

    Infra Repo:

    • Deploy Function Apps resource
    • Deploy LA resource
    • Use Bicep files

    App repo:

    • zip deployment pushing functions
    • zip deployment pushing workflows
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