Separate chat area on separate subjects.

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I recently created a Microsoft Teams Bot application. It's a personal bot. When a Teams user installs the bot, it provides them with a chat area. Users can start chatting with the bot by typing /sX "message," where 'sX' is subject X, and the message is about that subject. Users can chat about various subjects, which are not predefined. After a user posts a message about subject X, the bot searches for new updates on that subject. As soon as an update is found, the bot notifies the user. The bot functions well. Currently, users receive notifications on any subject they have initiated in a single chat area, which represents the bot's chat area. There is no separation of different subjects within the bot's chat area, so users can see all notifications for any subject in one place. For example, if a user starts a conversation about sA on 20/1/2024 at 10 AM, and soon after receives a notification about sB, which they started on 15/1/2024 at 9 AM, followed by a new conversation about sC, and then a notification about sD, which was started on 12/4/2023, it can become quite confusing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to organize this better? I would like to implement a feature where, when a notification about a previously started conversation on a subject like sG comes from the bot, it opens a new chat area with all the conversation history related to sG. Is it possible to have separate chat areas for each subject?

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