Using YUV2 or MPEG format does not work

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I am using the below program to capture frames from the video stream using the sample grabber. When I use the MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB32 the images show up and I can open them. However when I use MEDIASUBTYPE_YUV2 or MEDIASUBTYPE_MJPG then the saved image does not open(The photos app says this format is not supported). Can someone explain how I can get this to work with other formats? I also don't understand why RGB32 works when the camera does not even report supporting it. It only reports MJPG and YUV2 as being supported.sample.txt

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    As I said in another question, the file including its extension written by your SampleGrabberCallback::BufferCB is invalid, although it's valid for MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB32 in .bmp file. I found the related thread which said

    You don't use a BITMAPINFOHEADER for a JPEG image, and you certainly don't save them to a .BMP. It's a JPEG. You just copy the bits to file and make the extension .JPG. As long as the first two bytes are FF D8, that should be all it takes.

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